Roxanne comes from a family who has been involved in public service for as long as she can remember. She often recounts the moment when she began working in the community.  As a little girl she was part of the Girl Scouts – Brownie.  Part of the “Brownie” pledge she recited was "I promise that I would do my best to serve God and my country."  She recalls that from a young age she decided to help others and many years later she continues her fight for change. 

“Change sometimes does not come overnight - It comes through determination, hard work and a community working together for the improvement and development of humanity,” Roxanne said.  Her goal is to continue serving her community and working to build stronger, safer neighborhoods where families can live, raise their children and work. She understands that  strong  communities relies on the creation and maintenance of employment opportunities, outstanding schools, safer streets, affordable housing, exceptional health care, senior services,  lower crime rates and gun control. 

With nearly a decade of government experience, Roxanne knows what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done.  She lives by her slogan, “You Deserve to Be Served!!”


New State Senate

Helping People, Solving Problems

While Roxanne has a local District Office where constituents can visit, call to receive assistance and information or meet with her, she believes being visible to her constituents outside of the district office is also important. Since she was elected senator, Roxanne has held over thirty "mobile District Offices" where she meets with constituents and residents on the streets, at subway stations, libraries, and other public places. Her mobile offices have taken her to many areas and communities that make up her racially and ethnically diverse district including: Brownsville, East New York, Canarsie, Marine Park, Bergen Beach. She strongly believes that communication, accessibility, and being visible in the community is important because she gets to hear "first hand" from ordinary people on the streets what issues are important to them, how they see thing happening and their counsel, advice and criticisms of her stewardship. "This helps me to be a better representative of the community and better able to articulate their issues and concerns," Roxanne explained. Residents and constituents can call her District Office at (718) 649-7653 for assistance with challenges ranging from housing to senior citizen problems or for a meeting with her.


Public Safety

With the rise in gun violence, Roxanne introduced legislation to prohibit the sale of ammunition to any person not authorized to possess a weapon; regardless of the type as well as limiting the sale of ammunition designed for use in assault weapons. She feels very strongly about the need to make her communities safer and to combat the scourge of illegal gun sales, gang violence driven by youth unemployment and drugs. "Our public spaces and our communities MUST be safe zones for all people - especially out children. I've gone to too many funerals for young people struck down by senseless gun violence in the prime of their lives. I believe that violence is a public health issue and I will address it as such in the senate," Roxanne said.

Public Funding

Roxanne continues to make sure that residents and constituents of her 19th District get their fair share of state funding for vital programs and services. She's already hard at work fighting for state monies for her district in the 2017 State Budget cycle. Top priorities are funding for neighborhood schools, youth programs and senior centers.  She has also set funding for health care - including medical facilities in the district - as well as improvements to NYCHA housing and programs to help Minority and Women Owned Businesses (MWBE) and the Small Business community in general.  "Retail politics means that you drill down on the micro-issues and unique challenges that my diverse community faces and come up with solutions that is a win-win for everybody. That's what I was elected to do - get results. And that's what I intend to do. I'm in Albany to serve the people of the 19th District - period," Roxanne explained.

Protecting Our Seniors

Our "Golden Citizens" have a special place in Roxanne's heart. She believes that after working at being productive citizens for many years these "Golden Citizens" deserve to spend the remainder of their lives free from worry. Roxanne understand the challenges that seniors face on a daily basis, especially during these hard economic times. That's why she voted to fund senior centers and the EPIC prescription drug program that lowers drug and medications costs - an important life line for seniors. In 2016 she also introduced legislation to protect seniors from financial scams and elder abuse that include stiffer punishment for perpetrators. Last July this legislation was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cutting Middle Class And Working Families Taxes

Roxanne supported the passage of state law to continue the current and future state tax cuts that will benefit working families and New York state's besieged Middle Class. She believes that when working families and the Middle Class have more money in their pockets the community benefits as a whole. The present cumulative tax cuts are on track to become the lowest tax rates since 1948.

  A History of Community Service

Roxanne has a long history of community involvement, giving her time and energy to make our neighborhoods better, safer places in which to live and raise families. She has served as Chairwoman of our local Neighborhood Advisory Board, a long-standing member of Community Board 18 and the President of the 69th Precinct Community Council.

Moving Forward Together