Moving Forward Together


Roxanne comes from a family who has been involved in public service for as long as she can remember. She often recounts the moment when she began working in the community.  As a little girl she was a Brownie - the name for little Girl Scouts.  Part of the “Brownie” pledge and promise was "I promise that I would do my best to serve God and my country."  Roxanne recalls that from a tender ag and influenced by her family she decided that a life of community service and helping others would be her calling. Today, as the New York State Senator representing the people of Brooklyn's 19th District she's keeping that commitment and promise on a daily basis. 

“Change does not come overnight - It comes through constant and dogged determination, hard work and the community working together for the improvement and betterment of each other,” Roxanne says.  Her goal is to continue serving her community and working to build stronger, safer neighborhoods where families can live, raise their children, and work. Roxanne understands that  strong, healthy  communities rely on employment opportunities, outstanding schools, safer streets, affordable housing, exceptional health care, senior services, lower crime rates and youth empowerment. 

With nearly a decade of government experience, Roxanne is solution-driven and focused on building STRONG AND UNITED COMMUNITIES - BLOCK BY BLOCK. As your State Senator she has the experience and ability to navigate complicated government agencies to get things done.  She has a message for the residents of the 19th District - Let's MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER.


Moving Forward Together

Roxanne believes that the way to build and improve the quality of life in her district rests on one very simple but profound formula - MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER. This slogan sets the tone for the kind of work and innovation that she's planned for the district from small business development, youth empowerment, quality healthcare, senior care and enrichment, all impact what she calls "community economics." Her rationale is equally simple - when the community comes together and rely on each other's help that's the engine for change and progress.

Since Roxane was elected as your senator, she has held over thirty mobile offices where she met with constituents on the streets, at subway stations, libraries, and other public places. Her mobile offices have taken her to Brownsville, East New York, Canarsie, Marine Park, Bergen Beach and many other locations throughout the 19th District, because she strongly believes people-to-people, one-on-one direct communication, accessibility, and being available to her constituents allow her to better represent them in Albany.

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