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More 2017-18 New York State Budget Highlights!


Supporting Tuition Aid and Public Colleges:
The budget provides more than $1 billion for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and freezes SUNY and CUNY tuition this year. The new budget also boosts funding for SUNY and CUNY community colleges with an additional $20 million, increasing the full-time equivalent (FTE) funding for the state’s community colleges by $100 and making the base aid $2,697 per FTE for 2016-17. 

Rejecting the Use of Taxpayer Dollars to Fund College Tuition for Illegal Immigrants:
The final budget rejects an Executive Budget proposal that would have cost state taxpayers $27 million and reward people who are here illegally by giving them free college tuition. The measure would have extended all other criteria, exemptions or opportunities found within the education law - including all scholarship and tuition assistance programs funded with state tax dollars - to illegal immigrants while hardworking middle-class families are already being forced to take out massive college loans to pay for higher education.


Paid Family Leave:
The budget initiates a new program to allow working New Yorkers to spend time with a sick family member or bond with a new child. That program will be phased-in over the next four years, and will include employees who have been in their current job for at least six months to provide protections and necessary financial resources so that family support can be available.

Family Health Initiatives:
The final budget restores millions of dollars in funding cut in the Executive Budget proposal for women’s and family health initiatives, among other programs. It includes $25.3 million for Cancer Services Programs; $26.3 million for Nutritional Information for Women, Infants, and Children; $9.7 million for chronic disease prevention (including diabetes, asthma, and hypertension); $5.5 million for Rape Crisis Centers; $2.3 million for the Prenatal Care Program; $9.65 million – a $1 million increase – for the Doctors Across New York Program and restores $25 million in Excess Medical Malpractice Coverage to recruit and attract physicians to underserved communities; and $1 million to support organ donation, among other programs.

Support for Seniors:
The budget will fully fund the state’s elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program at $131.5 million to help seniors with their prescription drug costs. To help protect vulnerable senior citizens, the budget includes $700,000 to support elder abuse prevention initiatives. Other highlights include $28.9 million for Community Services for the Elderly Program; $26.6 million for Alzheimer’s programs; $172,000 for the New York Foundation for Seniors Home Sharing and Respite; and $63,000 for the Senior Action Council Hotline.


The new budget continues the Senate support for the heroic service men and women who have sacrificed so much to serve our nation by including funding for programs including: $2.8 million for the Joseph P. Dwyer Veteran Peer-to-Peer Program; $500,000 for the NYS Defenders Association Veteran’s Defense Program; $500,000 for the Veterans Outreach Center in Monroe County; $450,000 for the Veteran’s Mental Health Training Initiative; $200,000 for Legal Services of the Hudson Valley Veterans and Military Families Advocacy Project; and $200,000 for Warrior Salute, among other initiatives.

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Speak Up & Speak Out!

State Senator Roxanne J. Persaud

Senator Persaud has an open office policy. Think of her district office as your clearing house for information! But she also wants to hear from you. Call, email or write to her with your concerns, issues, challenges and news happening in the district. So if you have something to share you can start blogging here or follow her on Facebook! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Moving Forward Together


Roxanne comes from a family who has been involved in public service for as long as she can remember. She often recounts the moment when she began working in the community.  As a little girl she was a Brownie - the name for little Girl Scouts.  Part of the “Brownie” pledge and promise was "I promise that I would do my best to serve God and my country."  Roxanne recalls that from a tender ag and influenced by her family she decided that a life of community service and helping others would be her calling. Today, as the New York State Senator representing the people of Brooklyn's 19th District she's keeping that commitment and promise on a daily basis. 

“Change does not come overnight - It comes through constant and dogged determination, hard work and the community working together for the improvement and betterment of each other,” Roxanne says.  Her goal is to continue serving her community and working to build stronger, safer neighborhoods where families can live, raise their children, and work. Roxanne understands that  strong, healthy  communities rely on employment opportunities, outstanding schools, safer streets, affordable housing, exceptional health care, senior services, lower crime rates and youth empowerment. 

With nearly a decade of government experience, Roxanne is solution-driven and focused on building STRONG AND UNITED COMMUNITIES - BLOCK BY BLOCK. As your State Senator she has the experience and ability to navigate complicated government agencies to get things done.  She has a message for the residents of the 19th District - Let's MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER.


Moving Forward Together

Roxanne believes that the way to build and improve the quality of life in her district rests on one very simple but profound formula - MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER. This slogan sets the tone for the kind of work and innovation that she's planned for the district from small business development, youth empowerment, quality healthcare, senior care and enrichment, all impact what she calls "community economics." Her rationale is equally simple - when the community comes together and rely on each other's help that's the engine for change and progress.

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With the rise in gun violence, Roxanne introduced legislation to prohibit the sale of ammunition - regardless of the type - to any person not authorized to possess a weapon. While a strong supporters of legal gun ownership and the rights of New York State's "hunting communities," she also favors limiting the sale of ammunition designed for use in assault weapons. However, she noted that New York City and State does not have an assault weapon problem but an illegal weapons problem that is a major challenged for law enforcement in New York City and the borough of Brooklyn. 

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Securing State Budget Funds


NYS budget

Roxanne made sure there were funds in the State Budget for our neighborhood schools and senior centers.  In addition she was instrumental in securing funds for medical facilities across the district and for NYCHA residents to obtain on site cameras, proper lighting, and secured doors.

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Protecting Our Seniors

Protecting Our seniors


Roxanne voted to fund senior centers and the EPIC prescription drug program. She introduced legislation to protect seniors from financial scams and elder abuse.  This legislation was signed into law by Governor Cuomo in July 2016.

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Cutting Taxes for the Middle Class, Working Families

Roxanne supported the passage of the law to continue the current cut and for future State tax cuts so that in a few years we will have the lowest tax rate since 1948.

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A History of Community Service.

Roxanne has a long history of community involvement, giving her time and energy to make our neighborhoods better, safer places in which to live and raise a family. This includes serving as Chairwoman of our local Neighborhood Advisory Board, a member of Community Board 18, and the President of the 69th Precinct Community Council.

She is making a difference for us.

Vote Democratic Primary. Tuesday, September 13th

for State Senator








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